The Empowerment I Found In Cutting Off My Hair


This is one of the most freeing experiences I've had in my life. If I had one advice for every woman in this world that will help them gain their power, I would say, "chop off your hair." I know most of you are thinking, 'this girl is crazy' but you have to do it to understand what it's like. 

The idea came to me one night while scrolling through Youtube trying to find a video before bed. I found this Youtuber who makes videos on minimalism and her thumbnail picture was her, so effortlessly beautiful with a bald head, and the title of the video. I then searched her youtube page and found the exact moment in which she shaved her head, all by herself on camera. Just watching the video and then seeing her so carelessly on her other videos made me envy the bravery and courage she had. She had been so empowered by her bald head that I wanted the same thing, except I wasn't brave enough to let go of ALL my hair, but I was brave enough to let go of most of it. So I searched endlessly on Pinterest for inspiration on pixie cuts. The more I saw woman with short hair, the more I liked it. But there was one thing holding me back, everyone's opinion on it. As I shared my desire to chopping off my hair, I was met with a lot of negative feedback. 

"You'll look like a mom." But I am a mom. 

"You won't like it." How can I know that? 

"Your hair is too pretty." It'll grow back. 

"Boys won't like you." What makes you think I care about that? 

"You want to look like a boy?" Is that why girls are girls? Because they have long hair?

The more negative feedback I got, the more I knew I needed to do it. I always tried to fit myself into a box. The box labeled, 'this is what you have to do and say and think for people to like you.' Well, no more. My past choices, mentality and behaviors were no longer working for me. Thinking I was pretty and smart and that that was enough was no longer enough. I needed to detach myself of my image so I could then focus on my soul. Plus, the whole last year was so horrible, I was ready to let go of all that energy, one way or another.

It took about a month to finally build the courage, but I did it. I might not have looked my best with short hair compared to long hair but I didn't care. I was just so happy to have finally made a move that was genuinely for me. I felt so much freedom, so much courage and so much empowerment from the new look that I started becoming all those things within myself. It was really the move that made me start this new chapter in my life where I'm so dedicated to evolving and sharing my truth. And that's why I'm here now, sharing this story. Because I want woman to detach themselves from the expectations that social media has built for us. The one where we have to have long hair, bomb ass makeup looks, fake nails, plump lips, big tits and big butts and killer outfits. That's not realistic. It's only causing more and more suffering between us. It's making us spend our money in all the wrong things when all that really matters is our soul evolution. Our soul is the only thing that leaves this realm when we die, not our bodies. Yes, our body was made to carry us out into this world and we need to take care of it, but to respect our bodies and seeking physical perfection are two separate things. Once we realize we are more than our bodies, we start to gain a different kind of happiness. That's what I want to help you find, little by little. And so I leave you with a few questions to ponder on until my next blog.

  • How attached are you to your physical appearance?
  • How much of it is influence by social media?
  • What's one thing that will help you find freedom from the 'expectations'?

Thank you for reading my blog post, let me know what you think down in the comments below! And if you need further help finding detachment, sign up for a free health consultation with me. See you next time!

With love, Carolina.