Summer Travel: Austin, Tx


Hello, hello!

How are you guys? Enjoying your summer so far? I've been enjoying my summer so much the last few weeks, craving mostly sun, water and adventure. This month I've been to Austin twice already (I live in Houston) and it's been so wonderful to explore, play and just relax. Today, I'll be sharing some awesome spots we found, food we've tried and tiny homes we've stayed in. If you're in the area or you live close by, check out these spots and I promise you won't be disappointed!



First, I want to share some wonderful activities you can try when you visit Austin. For me, the one thing I think about when I think "Austin" is either paddle boarding or kayaking. Just being in the water in the beautiful lakes Austin has has to be one of my favorite things. Lady Bird, Barton Creek Greenbelt, and Lake Austin are just some of the lakes there, but Lady Bird is where I go to rent kayaks, paddle boards and/or canoes. And that's what we did while there! Since the first visit of the month to Austin was with my one year old, we rented a canoe to explore and relax. We honestly loved every minute we spent out there and the baby had a blast too. This was rented through Rowing Dock but with COVID-19 having some places shut down right now, you might just want to double check on that.

Paddle Boarding

The second visit to Austin in the month, I went without Santi and this time I got to paddle board. I love paddle boarding because there's almost nothing between you and the water and it's just so much more freeing. I had so much fun out there in the sun, playing music and even laying on the board for a quick tan.

360 Bridge

One other thing I got to do was visit the 360 Bridge over Lake Austin. Here, you get to climb up to get a full view of a bridge and parts of Lake Austin. This place is so pretty and I think it made it even more beautiful going close to sunset. 

Quick tip: the spot higher up was super crowded with people taking pictures. We actually went off to the left side a few feet before climbing all the way up and it was just as pretty and less people! 

St. Edwards Hiking Trail 

Now lets talk hiking, which is one of my favorite ways to spend time in nature. We actually went to St. Edwards hiking trail on my second trip to Austin and it was beautiful. Most of the hiking is done near and around a creek that has clean, cold water in which you can swim and relax in. We hiked for about an hour before we found an amazing spot in the water to relax and play. Some trees even have ropes tied to it so you can swing into the water. Next time I go to Austin and I bring baby Santi, I will definitely bring him here just for the water and the scenery.

Krause Springs

And Krause Springs just stoled my heart. I mean, this place was truly magical and breath taking. It was an hour away from Austin but the drive is so quick you never feel like you're even leaving the city. I loved seeing the old, tall tress, the greenery from such wonderful plants and the garden they have when you first walk in is out of this world. I'm really happy I got to see this place and I hope you get to see one day too!


Austin is the PERFECT place for food and as a vegan it can be kind of limiting when going out but not in Austin. There are so many vegan restaurants and I got to try some amazing places. Now, if you're not vegan don't be so quick in dismissing these places. I promise, as a non-vegan you'll get to enjoy it just as much as a vegan while probably going out of your comfort zone for some delicious food.

The Vegan Nom

The first place we stopped by was The Vegan Nom, a taco truck that was parked in a small little parking lot. We ordered the vegan queso and I had tacos Al Pastor made with jackfruit. The queso was awesome and the tacos were delicious.

Citizen Eatery

Another place we got to try was Citizen Eatery. Here we ordered the vegan burger and the vegan "chicken" tacos. The burger was one of the best ones I've ever had and the tacos were loaded with coleslaw and sauce.

Conscious Cravings

And Conscious Cravings also made it to the list. Here we had a salad, a wrap and smoothies. The wrap was definitely my favorite and luckily it was big enough to have left overs for the next day.

Places to stay

If you follow me on Instagram you know I love to stay in tiny homes every time I go to Austin, or out of town really. The last two place we stayed in were so peaceful, open and just beautiful. The key to finding tiny homes on Airbnb is to keep an eye out for places that say "tiny home" or "guest house". There are so many options there's just no way you can miss them. But also keep in mind that they will only show you the ones available to the days you plan on being out of town, so the amount will vary.

Place #1

Place #2

I really love going out of town and Austin is really great for a quick "getaway" from Houston. And the last two trips there really helped me feel so much better, especially being in nature. If you don't already, follow me on Instagram @benedetticarolinacoach so you can see where we head of to next and to keep in touch with me!

Until next time,