Santi Turns One! How To Create Banner + Photoshoot


You guys! It's official, I have a one year old! (Woohoo!)

Since we're under quarantine, I wasn't able to have a party for him but we did go take pictures at the park to have something to look back at in a few years. Plus, it was a small way to make it super special without spending too much money or risking anyone's health. 

In this post, I will share a bunch of our pictures which were taken on my iPhone 11 by my sister, and the step-by-step of how I created the banner and the set up. Enjoy!

It brings me so much joy to look at these pictures and I'm so happy to be sharing them with y'all!

Now for the DIY of the banner. I really didn't want to order one online when I knew I was capable of doing it on my own. The only thing I had to go buy was the poles to hang it on but you can also use big tree branches from outside if that's something you want to do. 

  • I started out by making the banner for each letter. I cut out a stencil that was 6 inches wide and 8 inches long. 
  • I used an old paper bag from the store to use as the back for each letter. I used the plain inside of the bag to put the letters on and the logo was on the back, which you couldn't see. You'll need 5 individual banner flags for this banner ( or more or less if you want to spell out something different).
  • Then chose a font that you like to print out the letters, cut them out and paste them on each flag. I used the font COURIER in size 800. 
  • If you don't have a printer, I traced the letters with a pencil on the paper by putting the plain white paper against the computer, lightly tracing with the pencil to not damage the screen, and then filling in each letter with a black marker. This does take a bit more work but I found it fun to do. 
  • Paste each letter on a brown flag, and then you can tape them on to a string. I had this brown string at home but anything will do. 
  • And then, I tied the banner on to the poles, and DONE! It was so easy, so fun, and I can save it for his next birthday and just change the ONE to a TWO. 

For the set up, I used a white comforter that I don't use anymore to sit the things on and the baby. I used a wooded crate that my beautiful sister in law let me borrow, I bought the cake at Kroger's which was $2.50 because it was on sale, and the ONE on top of the cake is a candle holder that I also bought at Kroger. So simple, so easy, so fun!

I hope you try this DYI and I would love to see the pictures if you do!

Until next time guys!

Love, Carolina.