My Morning Routine Now As A Health Coach


Hey there!

Today I'll be sharing with you my morning routine now as a Health Coach. Since becoming a Health Coach, I have found that the more time I have to properly get things done during the morning for my health and well being, the more successful I am during the day. I will share tips that will benefit your health that are quick and simple.

If you don't already know, I have an 11 month old who I co-sleep with. He's the one that wakes me up and it's usually any time between 7:30-8:30 A.M. I take care of his needs before we leave the room which include changing his diaper, changing his clothes and fixing his hair. I'll have him sit in his highchair by the kitchen with a couple of toys while I start my routine.

The first thing you want to do in the morning is DETOX your body. Your body restores itself while you sleep and so most of the bacteria and germs will settle in your bladder, mouth and skin. Flushing out your bladder first thing will tell your body you are ready to start the day. Now, most people don't know that the bacteria in the mouth will sit at the top of the tongue throughout the night. We all brush our teeth in the morning, and thats great, except there is so much bacteria in there that it usually doesn't get rid of all of it. That's why you want to introduce a tongue scraper.

Tongue scrapers are key to oral health if used regularly. There's a white coating that settles on your tongue that not only causes bad breath, but also causes digestive issues, cavities and gum disease. By removing the white coating off of your tongue before brushing you avoid spreading all that bacteria around your mouth which would be difficult to remove otherwise. And by removing it before you eat or drink anything, you avoid swallowing all this bacteria that can harm your health. The improvements are not only towards oral health but also better sense of taste and less cravings. Brushing my teeth is next on the list, this helps me start the morning nice and fresh.

After flushing all toxins from my mouth, I move on to skin care. Washing your face and doing a skin care routine for your needs is a great way to feel nice and awake. I wash my face with Ethique face wash bar and I then moisturize with Ethique face cream bar. Both of these products have been part of my skin care for 6 months now and I love how wonderful they are to my skin and to the planet.

Let's move on to breakfast! Before I have any food, I start by having a 16oz glass of celery juice. If you haven't heard the benefits of having celery juice first thing in the morning, I'm here to tell you 12 reasons why you should incorporate this now!

1. Lowers inflammation

2. Supports weight loss

3. Helps heal digestion

4. Reduce bloating

5. Helps eczema and psoriasis

6. Fights infections

7. Helps prevent UTI's

8. Healing for acne

9. Prevents High Blood Pressure

10. Helps lower Cholesterol

11. Helps prevent Ulcers

12. Protects liver health

After having a glass of celery juice, you want to wait about 30 minutes to eat or drink something else. I use this time to play with Santi and to start making breakfast, which usually involves scrambled organic, free range eggs, a tortilla and, of course, coffee.

Soon after eating, I get to planning my day by deciding what to focus my energy on. I like to decide if I'm going to do homework, write a blog, fix my website, do some research, read or just play with Santi. I tend to want to do too many things at once so when I focus on one thing I'm able to do a better job at it. I create a balance between work and play with Santi most mornings.

I hope this blog helps you get some health tips, and some inspiration to how to have a better morning. Make your health a priority and you will see the difference in every area of your life in no time. Let me know if you try any of the tips on here and how they work out for you on the comments down below.

Until next time!

With love,