My Healing Journey


Hello, wonderful soul!

The last 2 years have been quite difficult for me. I have lived some highs and have lived some low lows. I was single while pregnant, I was emotionally and mentally unstable through it, and then came postpartum depression. I got past that only to get cheated on, played and betrayed. And, through it all, I want to believe I have come to a place where I'm stronger, braver, wiser, kinder and more loving.

I want to share with you the things that have helped me through it all and I hope that if you find yourself in some difficult times, you get to find some light in this list.


Podcasts have become one of my favorite things to listen to. In the last year I have realized that I'm not a music fanatic. I'll listen to it but I'm not into the latest artists or songs or albums. But podcasts? I just LOVE podcasts.

The first one I started listening to was the "Highest Self Podcast" by Sahara Rose. Her route on spirituality has been refreshing but what I liked the most was the empowerment she shows into finding your dharma (life purpose), and the encouragement she gives you into being a bad ass soul who is unapologetically themselves. 

"With Love, Danielle" by Danielle LaPorte. This woman right here. Gosh, I could write a whole book on how loving, gentle, kind, powerful and firm she is. Her approach to healing and growth comes from connecting with God, which can only lead to becoming more loving, happier and kinder. She has made me realize that all of our emotions are acceptable, but that if we want to heal and heal the world, love is the only answer. If you're ready to be more happy, loving, kinder and gentle not only with other people but also with yourself, you have to listen to her. I thank her, endlessly, for how much her words have changed my outlook on life.

"Mark Groves Podcast" by Mark Groves, a human connection specialist, created this podcast to give us advice and useful information on how to deal with our relationships without the BS we grew up on. I only recently discovered this podcast but his words, advice, and style has me hooked. He's funny, charming, straight forward and just very knowledgable when it comes to how to handle our relationships to have more meaningful connections.


"The Untethered Soul" is a beautiful book written by Michael A. Singer. I'm guilty of going to book stores and buying 5 or 6 books at a time and not reading all of them before I go back to yet, another book store. So, as you can imagine, I have no idea how long I've had this book for but when I moved into my mom's after I had my baby, this book caught my attention. And I'm so glad it did. This book woke me up. This book got me out of that "victim" mentality where all I could think was "why me?" and into a "okay, how do I get out of this funk?" that came with being a single, new mom. This book helped me look beyond my pain into old habits, thoughts and beliefs I had that were no longer serving me. It helped me see the amount of participation I had into the things that were happening around me and to change the way I was responding to the things I could not control.

"A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose" by Eckhart Tolle. In this book, Tolle describes our ego and how much authority we allow it to have over our thoughts, words and behaviors. He exposes the amount of "pain body" we have and how we allow it to dictate how we treat other people. This books allows you to see the changes we need to make as individuals, collectively, to make this a better world.

"On Becoming Fearless" by Arianna Huffington. Ladies, this book is for you. Arianna gives you the empowerment, support and mentality you need to become a fearless woman in this world who gets what she wants in love, work and life. If you feel like you have insecurities and fears, and we all do, Arianna shows you have to have courage, strength and resilience to get past them.

Spending time in nature.

Nature became my best friend there for a while. It was the only place where I was aware of the thoughts that ran through my head and was able to identify which ones I no longer wanted to make space for. In nature, I saw the simplicity that life was suppose to have, the effortless beauty it contained and it was just showed me everything I wanted in my life. The sun, the wind, the lakes and the trees all replaced the pain in my heart with pure love.


In the worst times, you really find who your true friends are. Linda, Aldo, Jackie, Amber, Nick, Javi and Estefania, I'll forever be thankful to. They shared my laughs and they shared my tears, they shared my pain and they shared my healing. To have shared a moment in life with these people is an honor and a privilege, love is all I have for them.

This is it for now, my sweet soul. 

Thanks for stoping by.
Until next time,