Let's Talk About Your Transformation


Transformation is such an easy concept to think about but so difficult to actually do. We live in a time where information is at our finger tips at all times, yet information is useless when we don't apply it in our lives. We all know what a healthy diet looks like, yet this country has the highest rate of chronic diseases. We all know what we need to change to be happy and free yet more and more people are anxious and depressed. So what will it take for you to do the things you know will make you happy, healthy and ultimately your best self?

There are 2 ways we can reach transformation; free willingly, or by force. When is by force, we get slapped with a major event in our lives by the Universe to wake us up. And that's what happened to me. For years, the Universe tried to wake me up, subtle event after event that I just ignored or shoved under the rug, never looking at again. I constantly did what I wanted without thinking about who I was hurting or what the consequence would be. I mistreated myself and others, I lived day to day with no path, and if there was a path, it was the wrong one. And then, the Universe slapped me with the one thing I never wanted to be, a single mom. It's not that I didn't want to be a single mom because it was shameful or wrong or frowned upon, but because I thought I would never be strong enough to pull it off. But, that's exactly what I needed to change myself completely. That's what it took for me to be more loving, respectful, and kind towards myself and others.

And this is not to say that I regret letting it get to the point where the Universe had to slap me in the face to wake me up, because I'm forever thankful for my little prince, but I now live life in a more gentle way, because I'm able to see and know when something is off. And in knowing that, I'm able to see what I need to let go of or change to follow the path that is right for me.

We were all built with a 6th sense for such things and that is our intuition. Our intuition is the number one thing that truly, truly tells us when something is right or wrong for us. Our lifestyles have become so busy with noise and outside distractions that most people can't tell the difference between their heart racing because of the coffee they just had or if it's their intuition telling them something is wrong. The more quiet you get, the more you're able to truly get in touch with your intuition. Many ways you can do this is by meditating, yoga, journaling, drawing, painting, or anything that is quiet, calm and relaxing. Take time to tune in to your body and your thoughts, that's where the answers are. And the more we do it, the more we will be able to intuitively know what needs to change.

We live our lives through screens, seeing tiny segments of good moments in other people's lives and it can bring up certain feelings of jealousy, discouragement and comparison. But just know that you have the tools to make your life wonderful if you simply choose to do so. And when you choose to make your life wonderful, there will be things that you'll have to let go off, and move on from and that is what transformation is. And in the transformation, you will come in contact with your true self; a healthier, happier, kinder self.

And so the answer is not in the next best diet, or the next best book, or in what someone else is doing on Instagram. The answer is within you! When you finally decide to build the courage to step into the transformation, the Universe is right behind you, supporting you. Sure, somethings might make you feel crapy in the beginning, like cutting out coffee or sugar or finally leaving that relationship you've been dragging for so long. But, at the same time, you're building the strength that you needed for the next chapter in your life, the one getting you one step closer to your goals. Ignoring your growth will only hold you back longer than you need to be. Aren't you ready to live your best life already?

Until next time,

With love,