Find Your Voice & Use It!


Hello friend! 

It's been a little while since I've written a blog but I'm back again. I have been struggling a bit in my personal life; one of my family members tested positive for COVID19 and I had to quarantine while waiting for my test results, and when it finally came back negative, I decided to stay at my brother's house while my family got well. So, it's safe to say it's been a bit rough not being home in my own environment, having to work and take care of Santi but here we are, making it one day at a time. I do have to say, I've been super uninspired the last few weeks. I'm having trouble with finding the time to share my voice on the things that matter to me the most. And maybe it's because I somehow feel like I'm not using my time wisely and part of that comes from moving around all day long.

But I need to use my voice. I was given a voice for a reason, and I have a purpose to accomplish in this lifetime and so do you. So I'm here as a promise to you and a promise to myself that I will focus on what matters the most, and that's sharing the truth.

And we'll start with helping you find your voice. How to find the courage to say what you need to say without worrying about what people will think or say because, let's be honest, that's what stops all of us.

Finding your voice is about finding the things that matter to you and sharing that with other people in your own way for your own reasons. Finding the things that matter to you is about connecting with your soul outside of your ego and truly connecting with the root of what makes you YOU. 

So ask yourself; what do I care about? What makes me happy? What makes me whole? Why am I here?

And once you start to answer those questions, you can truly see what it is that you want to stand up for. And it doesn't have to be complicated, it doesn't have to be about saving the world. It can be as wonderful as just raising your children to be healthy and kind, or to be the inspiring one within your family and friends or being a voice in your community. Just know that your voice is needed in this planet, there is only one of you, so unique and so special, why deprive the world from your voice?

And then finding the courage to share your voice is the next step. What are you worried about and why are you worried about it? Are you afraid people might find the things you have to say silly or non important? Are you wanting to limit yourself to not make others uncomfortable? Find out what you're afraid of (p.s everything you're afraid of is ego based, meaning it makes the ego uncomfortable because it takes it out of the "safe" zone) and then challenge yourself to see it from a different light. You never know who you can inspire by just sharing your thoughts. And if that's not enough, think about spending the rest of your life limiting yourself because you're afraid, is that how you want to live?

I hope this blog helps you find your WHY to sharing your voice and you can figure out what fears you need to let go of. And if you need support, guidance or a cheerleader, follow me on Instagram @benedetticarolinacoach so I can better serve you.

Thanks for stoping by love, I'll see you next time!

With love, Carolina.