Behind The Scenes Of "30 Days To A Better Heart"


Ladies, I'm so happy to see you here! 

I'm so excited to be announcing my new "30 Days To a Better Heart", a guide with journal prompts, rituals and prayers for anyone who needs to get over a past relationship. This is has been an amazing experience, just to be able to create something that will truly help woman heal and allow them to create a better life. So let's dive into how I came up with it and who it is for.

For those of you that don't know, I went through a really bad break up February of 2020. I was with my ex for 4 months, an on-again situation, when I decided to go through his phone. For a few weeks, I had this feeling that something was up with him. I searched his phone a few times, saw nothing the first couple times, then saw some flirting and the last time I went through it I saw a video. I will save the full details of the video, but it was evidence of how he cheated on me, with who, where and when. I remember I watched the video while he and our son slept next to each other, I woke him up and told him off. I then got my sleeping child, put him in my car and drove off to my house. I was so angry, hurt and I felt totally played. Although I truly, truly hated him those first few weeks, and all I wanted to do was kill him and disappear far way from him, I knew I didn't want to live like that forever. I knew I wanted to have peace within myself so that I could live my life with no grudges or hate towards anyone and I wanted to have a decent relationship with him for our child. I confined in journaling to vent and express my anger, hate, resentment and sadness. I confined in prayer to put some love and hope back in my heart and I confined in rituals to truly let go of it all. I just want to let you know, I don't think healing from a relationship takes 30 days. Healing is a process that has no time limit. I just want to give you 30 days of content to go back to whenever you need it.

Ever since the break up and the healing, I've been having conversations with woman about relationships that have hurt them. I always try to reach out to those that might need someone to talk to, and I give advice if needed. But something in my heart kept telling me to share my tools so that even the woman I don't know can have access to this. And it really was a way to have it all together for anyone and everyone.

I created this for the woman that have had rough relationships. The ones that got cheated on, played, lied to and abandoned. This guide is for the woman that want to feel better, be better and think better. This is for the woman that are tired of reliving the same cycles with man over and over again and are ready to have meaningful relationships. If this sounds like you, don't hesitate. GET THIS GUIDE. Let's heal so we can attract better man and better relationships. Let's heal ourselves so that we can create a better world. And when you heal yourself, you start to become more expansive and free.

I can't wait for you to dive in!

Sending love and light to you all.

Until next time,