About me

In 2018, I was working as a bartender and really felt dissatisfied with my life. I was lacking confidence, purpose and genuine happiness with myself and it started reflecting on the outside world. I found out I was pregnant in August that year and by the time I was 6 months pregnant, I was single. I went through the last few months of my pregnancy miserable; I cried all the time, I resented the world, and I wanted nothing more than to change my life. 

When I had Santi in April, I instantly fell into postpartum depression. I was a single mom who was broke, tired, angry, resentful and sad. My soul desperately looked for an escape, a way into aligning me with my path. 

I knew I wanted to heal myself from my painful past and my cruel reality and to also help other people do the same. I knew I wanted to be healthy, vibrant, happy and confident and that's how Health Coaching came into play. 

Health Coaching has given me the tools to become a more authentic, healthy, empowering, confident woman who knows what she wants and what she has to offer. Not only has Health Coaching helped me make nutrition play a huge role in my life, but it has also made me bring more balance into other areas like relationships and spirituality. 

It's become my mission to now bring empowerment, freedom and health to other woman who just want to be more align with themselves and who want to make this world a better place.